Transfer Remittance at Low Cost

Dime Transfer offers you to send money to your friends and family at a low price and in a simple way.

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The Things We Offer You

Cheap Rate

We offer you a lower cost to send money outside the country.

Safe and Secure

Sending remittances is safe and secure as recipients receive money from our agents.

Fast Transfer

Transferring money through Dime Transfer is just a matter of moments.

How to Send Remittance

You can send your remittance quickly and easily on our website or at any of our branches.

Send Money Request

At first you need to submit the required information from send money page to issue a send money request.

Complete Payment

After submitting te send money request you have to complete the payment process by a payment method.

Give Transaction No.

After completeing the payment process send the transaction number to your recipent.

Transfer funds across the globe, without extra fees

Our goal is to offer the most competitive rates in the market.

  • Fast and Easy Transfer
  • Global Coverage
  • No Hidden Charge
  • 100% Trusted
  • Life Support
  • On time
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Why People Choose Us for Money Transfer

  • Cheaper Than Your Bank

    Sending remittances with us is faster and cheaper than with your usual bank.

  • Always Supportive

    Our customer service is available to provide the best assistance.

  • Trust is Important

    Your remittance is in good hands with us.



We're committed to giving you great exchange rates and no hidden fees — so more of your money makes it home
The time it takes to deliver your funds depends on where you are sending them.
Dime Transfer is a digital remittance service on a mission to make the money transfer process faster, affordable, and more transparent.

Send money with Dime Transfer by following these steps:

Make sure we support the country you'd like to send money to

  1. Create your Dime Transfer account for free (your recipient doesn't need one)

  2. Gather all of the details for your transfer, like how much you'd like to send and your recipient's information

  3. Send your transfer

  4. We'll take care of the rest, plus we'll let you and your recipient know when the funds are delivered or ready to be picked up

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